Our requirements to operate safely & provide the best experience for you & your guests:

  • Ideally a clear space of at least 4mx4m (13ftx13ft) with no obstructions against at least 1 solid wall (corner preferable), away from any old style incandescent light bulbs (LED bulbs giving off little or no heat are OK)
  • Please be aware that the booth is 2.4m (8ft) high when fully inflated so a ceiling height of at least this is required.
  • We ask that no furniture or other suppliers equipment is placed within 1.5m (5ft) of the booth to ensure easy access for all guests and to negate trip hazards.
  • We ask that at least 1 electrical socket be provided within 5m of where the booth will be set up. We will provide all extension leads needed and ensure they don't represent a trip hazard. Please note we may use tape to secure extensions to the floor so please do advise us if this is an issue.
  • At no point will be block any fire exit or clearway required for venue staff.
  • It is your (the person booking InflataBooth)  ultimate responsibility to communicate these requirements to your venue or to check them prior to booking. 

If you do not think that your venue will be able to provide any of the requirements above, please do ask them what they can do or the space they can provide, let us know and we can advise you on what we can provide as there is some flexibility regarding placement depending on the scenario 

While we may sometimes operate outside of the above listed requirements, we fully reserve the right on the decision to operate, and how we do so at all times.

Please see the photos on this page to get an idea of what our booth looks like, the space required and some possible flexibility.

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